ME Awareness NZ

M.E. Awareness NZ is a national collective of individuals with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), our carers, and other allies in New Zealand. We exist to increase public, medical and government awareness of this debilitating disease, and to ensure current evidence-based information is disseminated.

Current Campaign

We’re very excited to be working alongside Dr Richard Medlicott in a campaign to support GP’s with evidence-based information about the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS. Dr Medlicott is the Medical Director of the Royal NZ College of GP’s and an enthusiastic mountain bike ultra-eventer. You can read about the campaign here.

How to Engage with Us

Join our M.E. Awareness NZ closed Facebook community, which is where we connect and coordinate our ME advocacy and awareness efforts.

Follow our public Facebook page where we share information about ME and stories of New Zealanders.

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