national support for ME/CFS

ANZMES is the national support organisation for people with ME/CFS in New Zealand.

NZcare4ME is a national support network for carers of young people with ME/CFS in New Zealand.

CFS/Fibro is a group for young adults in New Zealand with ME/CFS.

Rest Assured Respite Charitable Trust is working towards providing a place of respite for people with ME/CFS.

regional support Groups for ME/CFS

For regional support click on the tags on the map below, alternatively click here for a list.

We recommend that health professionals refer patients with ME to a local support group. The group may be able to provide information on a wide range of matters concerning ME, as well as arranging social groups, one-on-on support, support meetings and service referrals.

Not all regions have a support group, in this case, we recommend that ANZMES be the point of contact.